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   There are many different areas of law and disputes that can arise.  Even if you do not see your particular area of law or issue listed below, please contact us to see if we can help you. 


Contracts are used every day in both our private and professional lives.  We use contracts to purchase/sell items and services.  Individuals and small businesses are not always familiar with certain contracts that they are required to sign.  An attorney can help you understand the contract that has been presented to you so that you can measure the risks and liabilities that you are being asked to assume.  An attorney may be able to help you edit or modify such contracts.  If appropriate, an attorney can assist you with drafting your own contract to present to someone else.  We handle contract assistance in many types of matters.      


  • State Court
  • Federal Court
  • Municipal Court
  • Governmental agencies
  • American Arbitration Association
  • Private Arbitration

    Disputes often arise that simply can not be resolved through negotiation.  In those instances, individuals and business owners have to resort to litigation or arbitration.  There are many procedural and substantive laws, regulations, and rules that apply to litigation and arbitration.  Proper understanding and application of those laws, regulations, and rules is often necessary to obtaining a favorable result.  We handle many different types of litigation and arbitration.  


  • Citizen Complaints
  • Tickets and Violations
  • Traffic Offenses

    Perhaps the most common court individuals encounter in their lives is municipal court after receiving a speeding ticket or other violation notice.  These other violations can include noise violations, land use violations, trespass, shoplifting, etc.  Your rights are at risk in municipal court.  You can be subject to fines, penalties, and even imprisonment.  An attorney can assist you in handling your municipal court matter so that your rights are protected.  We handle municipal court matters. 


  • Buying/Selling
  • Construction
  • Landlord/Tenant
  • Land Use/Zoning
  • Municipal Violations

    At some point, everyone becomes involved in real estate.  This may be through purchase or sale of a home, becoming a landlord or a tenant, contracting to repair a home or business, etc.  We handle many different types of real estate matters.  


  • Contracts
  • Litigation
  • Construction Liens
  • Consumer Fraud

     Construction matters can often be complex.  There are relationships between owners, design professionals, contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers, lenders, etc.  Understanding who is responsible for what and where construction projects went wrong can be difficult.  We handle many different types of construction matters.