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BUYING / Selling a House

Buying a home can be very stressful.  What are the responsibilities of a buyer and a seller?  What is the process?  What is the timeframe?  How do I handle the contract, inspection, title, mortgage, etc.?  Purchasing or selling a home is not as stressful when you have competent legal assistance.  The Law Office of Matthew H. Sontz, LLC specializes in assisting buyers and sellers achieve their goals.  By working together, we can go from contract to closing as smoothly as possible.  Please give us a call to see how we can help you.

Always Important, But Never a Good Time - Your Will

Everyone knows that having a will is important.  Unfortunately, there never seems to be a good time to getting a will done or revised.  The obligations of life just don't provide a good time to address end of life and after-life issues that affect those we love.  If you can find the time, The Law Office of Matthew H. Sontz, LLC can help you.  We offer evening and weekend meeting times.  We also can confer over the telephone.  Preparing or updating a will does not have to be very time consuming.  If you were thinking about preparing or updating a will, please give us a call at The Law Office of Matthew H. Sontz, LLC.

Commercial Tenancy -

It's All Up for Grabs

Commercial tenancies differ greatly from residential tenancies.  In residential tenancies, the landlord is obligated to provide certain things such as heat per its implied covenant of habitability.  In commercial tenancies, almost everything is up for grabs.  Almost everything can be negotiated between landlord and tenant.  For instance, the parties can agree that landlord will provide almost everything such as when a tenant leases a fully furnished office that includes secretarial staff, office equipment, etc.  The parties can also agree that the landlord will provide almost nothing such as when the tenant accepts a ground lease and can build whatever is legally permitted to be built on the land.  There is also everything in between such as a net lease, double net lease, and triple net lease.  This sort of freedom can be very beneficial to commercial tenants.  However, some commercial tenants, especially first time tenants, are unaware that everything can be negotiated.  Tenants may improperly believe that landlord are required to provide certain things, such as heat.  In commercial tenancies, tenants are required to look out for themselves.  Please give us a call at the Law Office of Matthew H. Sontz, LLC to see how we can help you negotiate your commercial lease.

The Americans with Disabilities Act - Places of Public Accommodation

The Americans with Disabilities Act applies to places of public accommodation.  Places of public accommodation include restaurants, stores, and public buildings, among others.  These places have an obligation to ensure that their premises meet the federal regulations governing accessibility.  If they do not, the law provides a remedy for a disabled person to order that the location make itself compliant subject to certain exceptions.  If you feel that you can not access a place of public accommodation because of your disability but would like to, please give us a call at the Law Office of Matthew H. Sontz, LLC to see if we can help.